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About Publisher/Writer Ray Elliott

Ray Elliott grew up in a small Southern Illinois town and longed to see the world. Throughout his travels, he's been a novelist, a Marine, an English and journalism teacher, an oilfield roughneck and a newspaper columnist. He's been many things and visited many places, but his passion has been constant: to tell stories that touch people's lives and truthfully explore the effects of war, the power of family and the resiliency of the human spirit. Read Ray's Bio.

Featured Books

With the Silent Knowledge

Book cover: With the Silent Knowledgeby Ray Elliott

The story of Michael Callahan—a smart, talented man from a privileged upbringing who’s also an alcoholic with sociopathic tendencies and his own worst enemy. He winds up in a maximum-security prison to fend for himself in a hard environment that doesn’t do much to help non-violent offenders break their self-destructive behaviors. But that doesn’t mean he won’t try to outsmart and outlast the conditions that only beat him down before he can try to make parole. And perhaps with the help of Blaine, a well-meaning counselor who recognizes Callahan’s real potential beneath the veneer of his intellectual gamesmanship, there may be a glimmer of hope that he can finally get the help he needs.

Iwo Blasted Again

Book cover: Iwo Blasted Againby Ray Elliott

Iwo Jima Marine veteran Jack Britton has carried the horror of combat and the loss of his young wife and his buddies with him for the past 60 years. Now, in the last 36 hours of his life in a hospital intensive care unit, he revisits those aspects of his life and grapples with his long-suffering questions about fate and self-doubt through a psychological phenomenon known as sundown syndrome.

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